Cerebria: The Card Game

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    Enter the Inside World, the Vibrant Land of Lively Emotions!

    Build your Mindset of Bliss and Gloom Emotions, and mess with other players' Emotions in this turn-based, set-building card game. When the time is right, trigger a Revelation, score Identity Fragments for your Mindset, and strive to develop the most advanced Identity.

    • 65 Different Emotions to Discover
    • Constant Player Interaction
    • Multiple Ways to Victory
    • Meaningful Decisions

    1 Rulebook
    5 Quick Reference Cards
    48 Bliss Emotion Cards
    48 Gloom Emotion Cards
    40 Bliss Identify Fragments
    40 Gloom Identity Fragments
    1 Mood Marker Metal Coin

    Ages: 10+
    Players: 2-5
    Game Length: 25 minutes

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