Crystal Clans: Feather Clan Expansion Deck

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    Out of the air, a new clan emerges seeking the power of the magic crystals. Take to the skies and embrace the winds with the Feather Clan Expansion! This deck contains an array of airborne units for you to choose from when building your armies. Deploy Horus the Finder and send him soaring over the battlefield in formation with his warriors, or use Dendra the Skykeeper to grant the flying keyword to all units in her squad. Take to the skies and seize the crystals with the power of the Feather Clan!

    1 Horus the Finder (Flying, Hero)
    1 Dendra the Skykeeper (Flying, Hero)
    1 Shu the Mythmaker (Wise, Hero)
    6 Whipporwill Archers (Archer, Common)
    6 Direwing Cavalry (Flying, Common)
    3 Razorclaw Falconers (Swift, Common)
    3 Talonswords (Flying, Common)
    3 Swifwing Messengers (Flying, Common)
    3 Scarletbeak Scavengers (Reckless, Common)

    Ages: 14+
    Players: 2
    Game Length: 30-60 minutes

    Expansion for Crystal Clans

    - $9.95

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