Crystal Clans: Fire Clan Expansion Deck

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    Behold the all-consuming fury of Fire Clan. This new clan for Crystal Clans burns brightly, but players must make careful sacrifices to stoke their flames or risk them burning out. Deliver vengeance for your fallen heroes with the Ashen Assassins. Create an endless cycle of warriors by utilizing the combined powers of the Searing Guards and Obsidian Defenders. Watch your foes turn to ash merely by being in the burning presence of the hero Meldien.

    1 Lord Harken (Skilled, Hero)
    1 Meldien (Skilled, Hero)
    1 Cinis (Skilled, Hero)
    6 Obsidian Defenders (Reanimated, Common)
    6 Searing Guards (Reckless, Common)
    3 Ashen Assassins (Skilled, Common)
    3 Searing Songstresses (Mystic, Common)
    3 Blazing Swordsmen (Skilled, Common)
    3 Lonely Sages (Wise, Common)

    Ages: 14+
    Players: 2
    Game Length: 30-60 minutes

    Expansion for Crystal Clans

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