WarLock Tiles: Dungeon Dressings

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    Build the dungeon of your dreams with Dungeon Dressings! This set of decorative items, including boulders, beds, and an altar and more! It provides a variety of options for creating unique and immersive dungeons for your players to experience. Will you create an elegant vampire's lair with statues, treasure, and a grand throne? Maybe you'll create a devilishly dangerous maze with the pit trap and the Cheval de Frise?

    • Barrel includes swappable contents (liquid & solid lid options)
    • Pre-painted
    • Extraordinary definition
    • Expansive variety of items to add to your scenes
    • Works with existing WizKids products


    4 Chairs
    2 Round Tables
    3 Crates
    1 Bed
    1 Throne
    2 Treasure Chests
    1 Boulder
    2 Stools
    1 Cheval de Frise
    2 Benches
    1 Pile of Rubble
    1 Keg
    1 Treasure Pile
    1 Generic Statue
    1 Altar
    4 Barrels
    1 Long Table
    2 Pit Traps

    - $44.99

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